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Preparation is key with all DIY or professional restoration projects and roof cleaning is no less important.
From the initial FREE survey where the contractor will discuss in detail the full procedure and cover all health and safety issues especially regarding access which is clearly a major consideration for both the property owner, neighbouring properties and the cleaning contractor to carry out the work safely and effectively.

Some properties are often undergoing other works and may well be scaffolded already but if not then temporary scaffolding may be required if not the contractor will make use of a tower and/or traditional roofing ladders to safely carry out the work.

Stage 1 : With access all secured, all sensitive areas covered with tarpaulin sheeting and all downpipes blocked or disconnected to alleviate any later issues with blocked sub surface drains a full pressure wash of the whole roof structure will be carried out.The contractor taking particular care to thoroughly clean each roof tile of all moss, algae and airborne pollutants that have built up over the years.

Stage 2: Whilst carrying out the initial survey the contractor would have made note of mortar degradation in the ridge tiles and the valleys but it is only once the roof clean has been completed and resurveyed that  any further work is required. The heavy infestations of moss growth can disguise cracked or broken tiles and these will need to be replaced with locally sourced matching products  equally any mortar repairs will also be carried out at this stage to ensure the roof is fully weatherproofed in the key elements of the structure.The lead flashings are also checked to ensure stability as will any chimney stacks.

The repairs will be carried out as soon as possible following the roof clean as curing time for the mortar is important for full coating adhesion.

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