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Roof Coating Application

Stage 3: In good weather conditions, having allowed the tiles to dry out sufficiently and the roof repairs to fully cure, the application of Smartseal's Moss Clear is sprayed over over the whole roof to ensure that any sub surface spores within the tile structure are eliminated.When this has dried out we can move to

Stage 4: For properties with concrete roof tiles these will have a sandstone appearance to the roof structure following the roof cleaning and having selected one of the colours available from Smartseal's Climashield™ product range a dramatic transformation will now take place as the contractor will apply the first of two heavy coats of this premium quality coloured roof coat via an airless sprayer.

The first coat is thoroughly absorbed into the tile fabric which ensures longevity of color retention and moss inhibiting properties. The second coat is applied after allowing a suitable drying time to further enhance the colour and protective elements contained within the product.

Roof Sealer Application.

For properties with clay or slate tiled roofs the utilisation of a clear matt or clear colour enhancing impregnating sealer will be used.

All lead flashings will if required be dressed with a suitable finish.

For customers undertaking a DIY job avoid application if possible in strong winds, intense direct sunlight and do not apply if rain is likely within 4 hours of application.

APPROXIMATE COVERAGE: 4-5 sq metres per litre dependent on age and porosity of concrete tile. For clay or slate tiles approximately 8-10 sqm per litre.

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