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Concrete Roof tiles

Without doubt concrete roof tiles are the most popular and cost effective product for protecting your home from the elements. In use for decades the weather proofing resilience of these tiles over time erodes and the appearance deteriorates to a point where little remaining colour is in evidence with the tiles looking extremely dirty.

The tiles are also prevalent to green growth as the natural weathering gradually removes the top surface of the tile,check your gutters for evidence of natural erosion,making the tiles more porous and susceptible to moss and algae growth.

Once the moss gets a foothold the tiles can eventually be damaged as the cycle of weather conditions, heavy rain swelling and increasing the weight of the roof, the freeze thaw cycle expanding and contracting the moss can stress the tiles and eventually crack or dislodge them.

Many people around the country have now elected to have the roof thoroughly cleaned utilising the Smartseal registered installer network that provides a contractor to visit providing a FREE no obligation quotation to clean, repair and coat your concrete roof tiles with a coloured roof coating.

The preparation and application process  is outlined on previous pages on the web site.

The transformation is amazing and will provide a significant finishing touch to a major part of your home that has up to now been over looked as professional cleaning tools and progress made in roof coating technology has made cleaning and coating your roof a cost effective and worthwhile expenditure.

For a FREE no obligation quotation for any roof cleaning, roof repairs and roof coating work you are considering then please call us on 0800 849 9498 or complete our enquiry form and we will be in touch.