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Across the UK roofs and roofing tiles are constantly under attack from the elements. The application of Smartseal roof sealer and coloured roof coatings offers long term protection from the weather and increased life span of all concrete, clay or slate tiled roofs.

Smartseal Roof sealer is a pre-mixed, colourless blend of high-grade acrylic resin polymers and aromatic solvents. It is available in 25 litre and 5 litre drums to trade or diy customers

The roof sealer is formulated to impregnate concrete roof tiles to give long term protection and durability. Smartseal roof sealer penetrates deep into the tile. Smartseal's range of coloured roof coating comes in a pre-mixed range of high grade colours to give a complete transformation of the existing roof. Two coats of roof sealer or roof coloured roof coating are applied to give maximum resistance to the weather and restrict future moss growth.


  • Reduces moss growth
  • Many colours available
  • Ultra-violet light and weather resistant roof sealer
  • Enhances the visual impact of the roof
  • Roof sealer will not blister or peel, hardens & seals concrete permanently
  • Special blend of polymers do not soften in hot temperatures or become brittle in freezing conditions
  • High viscosity roof sealer ensures full penetration into the dense surface matrix creating a true in-surface seal
  • 100% inter-coat adhesion
  • Tough, Durable and Hard Wearing
  •  Minimises maintenance

Smartseal roof sealers are designed to be fully waterproof, flexible and resistant to UV deterioration. The roof coatings resistance to the weather ensures that re-introduced deep colouring is maintained. The roof sealers not only transform the roof's aesthetic appeal, but also improves the durability and resistance to mould and algae re-growth.

On this website you can also find additional information regarding preparation of the roof prior to sealing and advice regarding the best application techniques for Smartseal roof sealers.

If the information you require regarding roof cleaning Smartseal roof sealers or roof coatings that is not available on this website, please call us on 01268 722500 or enquire online